Asset: REMEDY.STARK Simple
This coin commemorates how I, Joseph William Baker issued Forgiveness to John Reed Stark. John's article was published on LinkedIN and other places. John wrote in the article if people violate US SEC & FINRA laws (about KYC & AML) they would go to jail. I asked for evidence that anyone is subject to US Government SEC and FINRA laws. John defaulted - not providing any evidence. My notice indicated without providing such evidence that John was issuing terrorist threats. Joseph is forgiving John a total of 1,000,000 bitUSD worth of personal damage from the terrorist threat and this coin commemorates that act and it's market cap is intended to reflect at least that value. Joseph hereby puts John in honor for not interfering with this remedy process and allow the commemorative value of my forgiveness to flow into this financial instrument so that I may seek remedy by trading this token. Use or holding of this asset implies agreement with the terms of Info about this asset may be found here: Please don't confuse this coin with Remedy.Star Which is a fundraising coin. Sincerely, Joseph William Baker Founder of
  • Asset Type
  • Current supply
  • Issuer
  • Details
  • OID
  • Precision
  • Market fee
  • Max market fee
    0.005 REMEDY.STARK
  • Max supply
    1000000.0 REMEDY.STARK
  • Permissions
    Charge market fee
  • Flags
    Charge market fee
  • Fees
  • Pool balance
    631.67582 BTS
  • Unclaimed issuer income